How Does a Portable Infrared Sauna Work?

As always, technology continues to fascinate us, and this new rage in portable sauna machines is no exception. Typically something you would find in high end gym, or resort spa, a sauna is a healthy way to purge your body of toxins and lose some weight in the process.

A portable infrared sauna is an innovative solution to the person who has no space at home to install a sauna, and no time to go hang out at the gym everyday. And like the name implies, these are portable, so they can be set up anywhere you like.

The purpose of a sauna is to supply heat to the body in order to draw out impurities. While the traditional sauna relies on steam and hot air to do this, an infrared sauna takes that element away and replaces it with clean infrared.

Sometimes referred to as a modular sauna room, the portable sauna is able to penetrate heat deeper into the skin than steam does, encouraging circulation and allowing for more dangerous toxins to be emitted in the sweat. It derives this heat from an infrared radiant heater, which promotes the body to sweat while sitting down in the portable unit.

How Can it Be Portable?

Unlike a traditional sauna, the portable infrared sauna does not require insulation. They are constructed of lightweight material which can easily be folded together and moved from room to room.

There are a number of different types available, including some that snap together. If you want the best advice on which one has what you are looking for, check some sauna review sites. Not only will you find out how beneficial the infrared sauna is, you will see which of the portable types will work best with your living space.

Far-Infrared Sauna-2

Some are so versatile that they may be taken with you on vacation, while others have been designed to be set up outside. You will also want to look into the dimensions, as they come built for 2,4 and even 6 people. The smaller unit is great for couples only, while the 4 and 6 seater would be for a family that plans on using the machine together.

Admittedly, the one that we tried out did leave us feeling fresh and cleansed. You do feel some tingling, but it is not a hot and humid environment like you find in the steam saunas. If you like the idea of cleansing toxins this way, but not the idea of lots of steam, this is definitely a new product to consider.

Portable infrared saunas are an inexpensive solution to the benefits of a sauna without any  hassle. If you prefer to work out at home, but want the full benefit of a gym, this can offer that to you.

Can You Really Deep Fry Food With Air?

There are times when technology shocks and awes us, and then there are those times when it leaves us scratching our heads. This is what happened when we heard about this air and oil less fryer contraption for the kitchen. The health nuts of course have a hand in this, as it is designed to deep fry your food, without using oil.

As someone who has no real aversions to eating fried foods, I found this concept almost troubling. How could one call a French fry a French FRY if it is not actually being fried?

So of course my curiosity won  out and I purchased one to test out, figuring I will just hand it over to my super health conscious sis as a birthday gift when I was done with it.

First the science behind the machine. It runs on electricity like your typical deep fryer made for the home is. It has the basket for dropping the potatoes (my mind is always thinking French fries, but you can put whatever you want in your basket) and the familiar vat to cook in. But that vat is missing one essential element – frying oil.

Instead of using a vat of frying oil like traditional units, the potatoes are coated lightly with cooking oil and then cooked using hot air, like a convection oven of sorts. Was it fast? Yes, almost as fast as the traditional dunk in the hot oil would have been. Were the French fries tasty? Yes, admittedly they were tasty. Not quite like a deep fried one, but tasty in its own way. I found that if you soaked them first, then cooked at a low temp to cook changing to a higher temp to brown, you get the best French fries bakes.

There were two elements to the air oil less deep fryer that I liked significantly more than the usual oil deep fryer. First was the clean up. I mean who doesn’t hate the idea of having to deal with small vats of frying oil and how to get rid of it. Yes, you may use it a few times if you don’t over season your food, but after a while it gets nasty.

french fries_0

The second benefit is a part of that seasoning thing. I started to experiment with my basting oil a bit, first playing it safe and just adding salt, but later putting spicy red pepper and even an all spice for flavor. Even if you don’t care about changing the oil and you season your fries before dropping them in oil, most of that seasoning is lost. With this oil less method, the seasoning was like – baked on, making it very tasty indeed.

So yeah, I still need to get my sister a birthday gift as I will be keeping this contraption. Who knew that the real important ingredient with French fries was the potato, not the oil it was cooked in.

How in the Heck Does an Electronic Dog Fence Work Anyway?

If you are considering a K9 electric dog fence for your pet, the first question that comes to mind is if they hurt the animal. Next will be how they do work. These are actually great systems to have at your house if want to keep your dog safe without installing a large fence. Before you do make your decision, read on to find out how they work if they are safe for your dog.

Contrary to what you may think, an electronic fence system is meant to correct behavior in dogs, not as a form of punishment. Sort of like Pavlov’s dogs. By conditioning them to respond to an electric shock, they will quickly learn what their boundary is. This is an entirely safe way of protecting your pet and approved by vets, the ASPCA and animal behaviorists.

The underground fence system for pets starts with a transmitter. Kept in a dry place like the garage, the transmitter is plugged into a standard outlet and emits radio signals to the containment fence. This allows the fence to be active at all times for maximum protection of your dog.

The fence portion is nothing more than an insulated wire that is buried just a mere one to three inches into the ground. It needs to create a loop, starting at the ending transmitter and ending back there. The nice thing is you can set up different zones simply be twisting the wire in some areas to deactivate it. This is a nice option for the homeowner who wants to keep their dog in the yard, but not in the flower gardens.

The last component of your wireless pet containment system will be the collar. This is actually a transmitter that is worn by the dog. Battery operated, the receiver is designed to respond to the radio waves given off by the buried fence by giving off a small shock. This will usually occur when the animal is within 10 feet of the fence. If allowed to get closer, there is a chance that they would just bore through the shock and make it out the other side.


The jolt is shocking, but not painful like a taser or other electronic device. The dog is stunned for a second and quickly learns where they can stay to avoid that happening again.

Before making your purchase, make sure that you read up on the benefits and features of the available pet containment systems. This is a wise investment, and one that is considerably less costly then installing a wooden rail fence or chain link.

With animal advocates recommending the device, there is no reason why you should not consider getting one for your home. This fantastic electronic device gives your pet the freedom they want and you the peace of mind that you need.

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Great App Ideas For Gramps

Buying holiday presents for grandma and grandpa can be quite the feat, especially with the stores stocked up with so many different tech devices. If yours are cell phone savvy (at least somewhat) you could help them get started on an app that is either fun entertainment for them or a useful tool that they can use.

Older people are much more computer and phone literate then we give them credit for. They may need a little help getting started but once you set them up with some apps they will enjoy, watch your FB page! Grandma may soon be leaving you comments.

Skype: Giving your parents or grandparents the gift of Skype is a great idea. Especially for those who have kids or grandkids living far away. Visits may be infrequent now a days, but getting to spend some face to face time and catch up never has to stop.

Words with Friends or Scrabble: What is nice for older people with these games is that they are already familiar with the concept (Scrabble is one of the oldest board games still in existence) and they can play against family members and friends. There is not too much family game night going on anymore, but with these apps at least you and grandma can fit a word in when you have time.


Camp Finder: This is for the older crowd who is still mobile and taking their RV on camping adventures. This app lets you map out the entire trip and even gives you pointers on local camp grounds and amenities. You can get the whole family in on this holiday gift by complementing it with essential camping gear like sleeping bags and camp tents. Don’t forget to throw a compass in their stocking in case they forget how to use the GPS.

GPS: Speaking of, if your parents or grandparents haven’t discovered the wonders of GPS, help them too. This will make it easier for them to find their way around to that new restaurant or shopping center they have been waiting to go to. Program in some of their favorite destinations beforehand (like your house) so they can see right away just how helpful it can be.

Solitaire/Candy Crush: Depending on their personality, hook them up with a game that they can play alone. These are great time killers when waiting in a doctor’s office or trying to get some sleep. There are only a couple named here, but there are hundreds more available to make it easy on you to find one that they will like.

There is no reason why grandma and grandpa can’t be nudged into the 21st century. The trick is to find mobile devices that are easy to navigate and to see. Then load it up with features and games that you know they will get great pleasure from.

Electricity: The Grandfather of All Technology That We Use Today

Think about what life must have been like, not just before computers and apps that do everything for us, but before electricity. When it was up to people to take care of everything by hand. Long before the computer age, there was a point where people had to transition from getting by with hard work and muscle power, to just flicking a switch.

In the Kitchen

Your kitchen is ablaze with small appliances that are meant to take the hard work out of any number of tasks. How did you make your coffee this morning? Imagine have to find the wood and light it just so you could get your morning joe. Or what about that smoothie? Pulverizing all of that fruit by hand just to get  a drink? I think not. Health food fanatics around the world would be suffering greatly if not for that magical blender machine.

In the Bedroom

We could state the obvious and talk about your bedside lamp replacing a gas fueled one, or we could mention that ceiling fan over your bed. Living without fans, let alone A/C is something I can’t even consider. And of course there is that small device that made sure you got up on time this morning. The alarm clock has become so sophisticated that most even have battery back up so that you never lose track of time. Even simple diffusion devices need a source of power to make your room smell good.

In the Bathroom

Thank goodness for electricity in the bathroom. Could you imagine having to use a straight razor on your face instead of a handy beard trimmer like these ones with reviews? I don’t see a single morning without some t.p. stuck to a cut on my face. Beard trimmers were created to keep guys from accidentally slitting their throats. Then of course you have your blow dryer and electronic toothbrush to help make getting out of the house in the morning a bit easier. Don’t forget to apply that delightful leave-in conditioner to get the most out of your look!

Your Garage

The man’s playhouse, but think about how less fun it would be if you had to actually saw that wood with a straight saw, or punch holes  without the fun of a nail gun. Electricity is what puts that power into our favorite tools and makes it easier to build our kids a treehouse.


We focus so much today on this age of technology and how much easier it has made our lives. Once in a while it is a good idea to remember to tip the hat to those long ago innovators who figured out a way to harness the juice and make all of this a reality.

The Many Applications for Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technology is an amazing tool that is used in dozens of different applications, both medical and non medical. It’s history dates back to 1893, and scientists creating whistles to produce a sound that could detect submarines. Inaudible to humans, ultrasound is able to travel great distance, break through physical barriers and create an image of what lies beneath.

In Medicine

Probably the most commonly know application of ultrasound technology is in prenatal care. The sonographer training in this case will include using an ultrasound to see the interior of a woman’s pregnant belly and identify the growing baby inside. Not only will the sonographer be expected to be able to find the baby, She will need to be able to identify its many body parts. This is a skill that is learned as part of his training at a specialized ultrasound technician school.

Chiropractic medicine and pain reliving clinics also rely on an ultrasound tech to help with pain management. The sound waves that are generated will encourage movement in soft tissue, increasing blood flow and promoting healing. This is a good career to look into for a student studying ultrasound technology as there is not as medical training required.

Veterinary Medicine

Animals respond better to this type of imaging than to any other. Non-invasive, the veterinarian or pet owner can be next to the animal comforting him while the images are being created. This has proven to be very helpful for veterinarians when dealing with animals who have an injury that is internal.

Manufacturing Applications

Ultrasound is also used in production of certain items to detect flaws in the structure. Since it can “see” through a solid object, it can detect cracks and other imperfections hidden inside. This will work with most metals as well as plastics. Concrete, cement and wood are also receptive to ultrasound waves, allowing manufacturers to ensure perfection in their products.

Underwater Use

Those scientists who were trying to find submarines over a hundred years ago were right on track. Also known as Sonar, ultrasound works great at detecting items underwater. Its been used by major corporations and salvage companies to explore the ocean floor, as well as small fisherman who are just looking to catch a break.

Studying Sonography

For someone who wants to break into this technical field, they would need training at a ultrasound technician school. This type of career choice offers many opportunities in the job market, making it very desirable. Learn more about the career choice that suits you at


What makes ultrasound so amazing is its relative simpleness. As our technical world is getting more complicated by leaps and bounds everyday, a simple sound wave is still the preferred method of getting an up close and personal look at the very beginning of human life.

Mind and Body Therapy Levels Up

Life can be very stressful with all the things you need to accomplish and with all the responsibilities that you have to take care of. Sometimes you are thinking on ways on how you will be able to disappear from all of this and get a time off as you wish. Well, nothing is impossible nowadays. If you can only spare 5 minutes of your time to get some relaxation, that is enough when it comes to a therapeutic aromatherapy session.

What is Aromatherapy

You may have heard of this for a very long time now, but since you are very workaholic that you don’t have time to try it all. Usually aromatherapy is being offered when you go to relaxing spas. However, nowadays there is another way to bring home this relaxing activity or promote this at work as well.

Aromatherapy from the word itself promotes remedy or treatment to certain mind and body ailments that needs health improvement. Since you use your body and mind to perform your daily tasks, you need to have any form of relaxation to make sure that you maintain your overall health. The use of essential oils and aromatic fragrance is essential in this type of therapy.

The Technology

Instead of opting for the usual demand in massage therapy for mind and body relaxation, you can opt for a simple way of detoxifying your mind and body by just inhaling these aromatic oils and fragrances with the use of an essential oil diffuser. With this type of technology, you can now bring the ambiance of the spa into your own homes or even in the office without having to hire someone to do the therapy sessions with you.

Those who have respiratory conditions find steam inhalation a preferable option for them when it comes to Aromatherapy. You can add 2 or more drops of essential oil to the oil diffuser to dispense the mist in the air. It is recommended that you make use of one essential oil from another but not a mixture of different oils.


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Bow and Arrow – What is the Technology Behind It

You probably have seen bow and arrows back then when watching movies such as Robin Hood and other medieval inspired stories you have seen on screen. Knowing that archery has been there since history can tell, it is now considered not only as a weapon but a sport worldwide.


From the traditional books that you’ve read, you’ll find out that the bow is traditionally made out of wood and is tied with an elastic string, while the traditional arrow is made out of thin wooden shaft that has a tail made from feathers. And the arrowhead is then made either of stone and metal. More often, bow and arrows are associated to a weapon being used by traditional Indians as well as our ancestors during the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, we don’t refer to bow and arrows as part of weaponry anymore but it is more popularly known as a sport called Archery. These bows and arrows have evolved as the time passes by. They are now made of various materials and equipped with a more sophisticated type of technology. Archers now are meant to be more light weight and allows precision for the Archer to execute and aim at its target accurately.

You can now find a variety of bows and arrows that will allow you to match your expertise when it comes to Archery. Nowadays, an archer doesn’t have to use full force just to be able to hit a target with a bow and arrow. With the current technology for archery bows are now made up of cams and pulleys which can enhance the force that is needed to allow you to shoot your target precisely. On the other hand, the arrow then is made up of various materials such as wood, carbon or aluminum depending on its use.

In selecting the right equipment that will work for you, you will have to keep in mind that it is essential to find the right bow first before you go looking for arrows. If you were to choose recurve bows you will find that they can be available in different lengths. Search for bows that match your arm length and strength. Then with arrows you will have to focus on searching for the right length and spine of the arrow for your bow.

With this type of technology done with bows and arrows, any novice will be able to learn how to use them as a form of weapon, hunting tool or merely to enjoy the fact that it can be an added skill for a sports minded enthusiast like you. If you are interested in Archery, then all you need to do is to find the right type of bow and arrow that will fit your expertise and you can start aiming and shooting from here.

Helmet Technology – Bluetooth and Motorcycle Helmets

Are you fascinated with riding bikes and engaging in bike riding activities all the time? If this applies to you then most likely you are one of those interested individuals who may well find themselves amazed with the new technology in biking gear.

One of the most popular biking gear that you will find interesting nowadays are motorcycle helmets powered by Bluetooth technology. Most of us are aware of this Bluetooth technology, but having it go hand in hand with one of your motorbike protective gears is definitely an awesome idea.

How Does It Work?

Now, that Bluetooth technology has been introduced in the biking industry, motorbike riders can now enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone conversations without being interrupted. Bluetooth headsets are now being customized to be attached on motorbike helmets to serve the purpose of a head gear but at the same time a form of communication device while on the go.

Such Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are perfect for riding in groups as this type of technology allows bike riders to communicate freely without having to put their hands off the handle bars of their bikes. This type of technology doesn’t only promote safety but it as well promote a handy communication systems for bikers who are always out there riding on the streets.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

There are various safety gears that you can find out there when it comes to motorcycle riding but you will have to search for the best. Aside from checking out the new technology that these helmets can offer, you should as well look into how durable these safety gear can be.

Some features to look into may include UV resistant helmets which can be expected from Arai helmets. It is also important to consider ventilation or exhaust in helmets as your full faced helmet encloses your head which means you will need enough air to allow you to drive your motorbike conveniently.

Aside from the technology that modern Bluetooth helmets can offer, you can also consider some of the specs and features of a helmet that will keep you safe from harm and will as well allow you to conveniently travel wherever you want to go. There are a lot of options for you to consider when it comes to getting the right helmet for you, its just a matter of finding what you can trust.

3 High Tech Underwater Gadgets

People are constantly looking for the newest trend, hottest gadget and lasts piece of technology. Underwater gadgets have grown leaps and bounds the past few years and are capable of doing things once never imagined. From taking pictures, to filming movies, to underwater computers – underwater gadgets have transformed and revolutionized what people can now do underwater. Below are three of the hottest underwater tech gadgets available on the market today.


A rebreather is an underwater breathing apparatus which allows divers to stay underwater for extended periods of time. However, not all rebreathers are created equally and there are some rebreathers on the market with all the high tech bells and whistles, making diving not only more enjoyable, but also way cooler! AP diving rebreathers were built with diving enthusiasts in mind and come in custom built sizes specific to a diver’s size and body frame, as well as built to accommodate each diver’s specific needs. The AP diving rebreathers come complete with CO2 scrubbers, reusable hoses, controls which put the diver in control and are extremely user friendly for even the most novice divers. There are 2 very popular rebreather brands KISS and Poseidon.


Underwater Computer

An underwater computer is something far different than a laptop or desktop computer most people are familiar with. An underwater computer combines a miniature PC with a face mask mounted display, allowing scuba divers and other underwater users, to swim and explore the water, all while operating the computer with one hand. The computer itself is situated in a waterproof housing case which rests on the diver’s air tank. The computer is then attached with a cable to the diver’s mask and mounted for a perfect fit. The “keypad” is a handheld device which can be controlled much a like a video game controller and offers a wide range of flexibility and is extreme ease of use. More information regarding underwater computer at

iDive 300

The idive 300 allows divers and other underwater enthusiast to listen to music at depths of up to 300 feet below the water’s surface. The iDive 300 is compatible with MP3 players, Ipods and Iphones and comes complete with dividers and clips to ensure a nice snug fit regardless of what type of music device you have. The iDive 300 deep dive waterproof case comes with state of the art speakers, a dock connecting plug, three AA batteries to control the circuit board and headphones which hook around the diver’s ear to ensure a snug and secure fit. The outside of the iDive 300 has easy to use controls and allow the diver to manually turn the volume up, take pictures, create a movie, watch a movie or listen to an audio book. The iDive 300 has transformed how scuba divers and underwater enthusiasts exists below the water’s surface and with this technology is allowing the underworld to be viewed and captured in never before dreamt of ways. Now divers, scientists and photographers can capture what is truly transpiring under water and bring this information, science, and beauty to the rest of the world and has the potential to help scientific advances as well.

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The iGrill App

The igrill appSummer is on its way, and with it comes many special events to look forward to: vacation, camping, swimming, family reunions, etc. For some of us, the one thing we look forward to isn’t a special event at all, it’s an everyday event that’s been around for generations: grilling. Ah yes, on the back porch, deck, or patio is where grillers spend most of their free time in the summer months.

Even though it’s a tradition that’s been around for generations, grilling itself has come a long way. The trial and error of the past of buying a grill, taking it home to try out, and then returning it for another model if you don’t like it is gone. The internet has allowed people to share information so they can be better consumers. Sites such as gas grill reviews takes the legwork out of finding the best grill for your needs. They provide reviews for gas, charcoal, and electric grills, as well as other types, so you know the pros and cons of grills on the market and can find what best suits your needs.

The old-school charcoal barbecues grills with three legs – two of which are wheels – and a spiral cover lined with tin foil still work great. So do the gas grills with the rusted out metal and wooden shelving on the side to hold your tongs, but technology has progressed to make those old grills even better. No longer is running back and forth to check your meat, or not leaving the grill’s side, a must to keep your food from burning. Now all you need is a small device, a cell phone, and your thumb to keep track of your food’s progress.

The iGrill

Do you ever have those days where you’re watching a game, doing a load of laundry, or someone comes knocking at the door while you’re trying to get the meat on your grill just right? You no longer have to fear those distractions as iDevices Inc has created the iGrill.

The iGrill is an electronic thermometer that connects to your phone using Bluetooth – for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s just a fancy way to say no wires – technology. All you have to do is download the iGrill app (which is free), let the app know what kind of food/meat you’re tracking, insert the probe into the meat, then pull up the app and watch the temperature from your phone. You will receive an alert when your meat is ready to turn or serve. It’s really that simple.


This is great for folks who have a lot going on in the house. Parents will love it because they can tend to the kids without fear that the meat will burn. It’s also very practical if you’re cooking meat on the grill while cooking other food on the stove. It’s also nice to have if there’s something on TV you’re watching live and don’t want to miss like a baseball game or news program. If you purchase the iGrill2, you can use up to four probes at once, which is much more practical when cooking for a family.

The devices are also relatively cheap, all things considered. They range from $39.99 for the iGrillmini, to $99.99 for the iGrill2. The probes look to be pretty durable as well, as they can measure temperatures from -22o F all the way up to 572o F. They can also withstand up to 700 degrees of direct contact before breaking down.


As with most electronic devices, you will need to purchase extra accessories. The iGrill2 comes with two probes, but if you want the maximum of four you will have to buy the other two at $24.99 each. The iGrillmini, however, comes with just one probe and cannot house any more than that. It is also on backorder right now on

If you’re a person who loves to grill but finds themselves pulled in every direction, the iGrill could be for you. It makes multitasking much easier, and give you a real time temperature readings of your meat. Just be prepared to purchase extra accessories as the devices come with the bare minimum. And if you’re in the market for a new grill, be sure to check out the reviews do a little research on the basics before purchasing.

Top 2 Windows 8 Tablets

When looking for tablets, many consumers aren’t looking for a larger version of their smartphone, but a portable version of their computers. The simplest way to complete this goal is to run the same Operating System as the one you have at home. You will be able to use the same programs and interface that you have gotten used to already with your paperweight computer. This being said, Windows tablets give you everything you expect with Windows 8, plus the desired mobility – the reason you’re looking at tablets in the first place.

Even knowing the operating system you want to run, there are still so many options to choose from. Many manufacturers are choosing to run Windows 8 on their hardware, and the game changes from software to evaluating hardware. To properly review any type of technology, you should match the price to the physical components that come with it. Everything in life is relative, so is deciding which Windows 8 tablet to purchase.

For your convenience, we’ve reviewed these two customer favorite tablets for you.

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Dell’s Venue 8 Pro really straddles the line between tablets and smartphones with its smaller 8 inch screen, but when put to the test it delivers the full tablet experience. Compare the following specs with your current smartphone and you’ll see why the price jumps and the experience is completely different.

A quick rundown: The Venue 8 puts out an impressive 8 hours 31 minutes battery life, a decent 1.34 GHZ processor speed, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

For an affordable price, around $300, the components are within the range of reason and expectation. This is an entry-level tablet that will get you average performance at a wallet friendly MSRP. It has a simple, no frills design and can perform all your basic PC operations.

Sony VAIO Tap 11

At an MSRP of 1099.99, buyers will assume that they’re bringing home a real workhorse of a tablet. Similarly priced computers, such as the macbook pro 13’’ start to look like a better decision, but there are still pros to buying the VAIO Tap 11 – especially if you need to work on Windows 8 for work or school.

Of considerable notoriety is this tablets extremely slim profile, paper-cut range of .39 inches, and large screen, 11.6 inches. It also comes with 128 GB storage and a 1.5 GHz processor speed. All of this paired with 4GB RAM, and you actually are getting a mini computer minus the attached keyboard. There is only one real tradeoff for this powerhouse and that is how much power this beast can drain at an unfortunate rate. The VAIO Tap 11 taps out at only 4 hours battery life. As a portable device, four hours isn’t that much time for much and can get hectic when you’re not around a plug for a while, especially when heavy use will cut into that number significantly.